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The Pink Sound Protocol
The use of pink noise as a therapy has been investigated in scientific research and has been shown to be a safe method of providing a gentle sound stimulation for those who have tinnitus or hyperacusis, or both.


Pink noise, also known as 1/f noise, is a sound that has equal energy in all octaves. The power of the sound decreases at a rate of 3 decibels (dB) per octave. Therefore, it consists primarily of low frequency sounds. Due to practical constraints, pink noise can only be produced over a certain range of frequencies, since certain higher frequencies would require an infinite amount of energy.

This type of noise occurs naturally in various systems. Astronomers listening to the electromagnetic radiation in outer space have noted it being present in the radiation emitted from certain stars. Nearly all electronic devices also produce this noise as well, since it appears in carbon composite resistors, but in that field it is called "flicker noise". In the biological arena, it is produced by the heart beat and has also shown up in DNA sequence statistics.

Pink noise is generated by filtering white noise, since there are no other simple ways of doing it. Mathematicians have yet to deduct a simple means for producing pink noise data. Interestingly enough, scientists have found that electronically induced pink noise can be present at frequencies as low as 10^-6 Hz, a frequency that requires weeks to measure.

The Pink Sound Protocol is ready for purchase!


This promises to be an effective affordable self-administered program at a reasonable cost.

A sixteen week Cognitive Exercise Program mixed with the use of Pink Noise for the purpose of improving hyperacusis and abating tinnitus intrusion and annoyance.

Enjoy the fruits of 17 years of clinical practice and wisdom in this pragmatic, effective program, intended for home-use by those with normal hearing to moderate hearing loss.  Please be sure to visit your local medical provider and audiologist to rule out any significant auditory disease or disorder prior to purchasing the Pink Sound Protocol!

This supportive program has been designed by an audiologist and a cognitive therpay counselor. 

There are four 4-week modules to complete during the 16 week program.  The PDF file which contains the 16 week program is downloadable at the website.

There is also a pre-test and post test available for completion to help us track progress and efficacy.
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